Snapped: We warned you

Monday we shared three tips at Jackson Hole Buckrail about winter interactions with Bighorn Sheep. 1. Use the Vehicle Pullouts 2. Keep a Safe Distance 3. The Most Important One- Don't Let the Sheep Lick Your Car! Well, our friend Ashlee Patricellii got up close and personal and shared the results with us! Many of the pictures you see of the bighorn sheep are of them licking the salt off of cars, but this isn't good for the animals. "The sheep can be fairly aggressive in going up to vehicles and trying to lick the vehicle," said Lori Iverson, outreach and visitor services for the National Elk Refuge. "Some people don't try to discourage it, but think about the chemicals that are probably on your vehicle that the sheep are ingesting." [image: ram3.jpg][image: ram5.jpg][image: ram6.jpg][image: ram1.jpg] #oilcity #buckrail #news #snapped