Woman allegedly shot husband following confrontation at the bar

(Casper, Wyo.) - At approximately 12:59 am on Dec. 1, Casper Police Officers were called to 5th Street in Casper for a report of a traumatic injury. Reports indicate that officers arrived on scene and located a man who had a gunshot wound to his left leg. He was assessed by WMC EMTs and transferred to WMC. While in the emergency room, officers spoke with his wife, identified as Stephanie Louise Lutness. According to reports, officers were able to establish that Stephanie shot her husband in the leg. She stated to officers that she was attempting to move the handgun in the room the man was in. While moving the gun, the gun fired and shot the man in the left thigh. She told officers that it was an accident. Stephanie was taken to the police station to put together a statement with investigators. She stated in court records, that the two went to Butch's Bar in Evansville following a recent funeral. While at the bar, Stephanie consumed several beers. While there, according to reports, the man told Stephanie that she was acting "crusty" (which she did not appreciate). The man then became agitated and stormed out of the bar, Stephanie was concerned with his behavior and followed him outside. The man drove off without Stephanie. She then returned to the bar and tried to contact him. After numerous attempts to contact him, she decided to return to her residence on 5th Street. When she arrived, she found the male asleep in the master bed room with his handgun sitting on the bed near him. Seeing the handgun, Stephanie reported that she became more upset about the night's events and woke the man, court documents state. She began to argue with the man and told him to get rid of the gun. At that time the male climbed off the bed and stood by the bedroom door. Stephanie reportedly grabbed the gun, pulled if off the bed where she stated she was trying to hand the gun to the man. When she did that, the gun went off causing the bullet to strike the man. Stephanie reported to officers that she never used guns because they gave her anxiety. Officers spoke with the husband who had been shot who reported that his recollection of the events prior were similar to Stephanie's. He stated that he decided to leave her at the bar because he did not want further confrontation. He stated that he did not know the exact details of the events surrounding the shooting, his only memory was waking up, getting off the bed, a loud bang, and then lying on the carpet. He asked officers if Stephanie had shot him. Following an investigation into the incidents, officers arrested Stephanie and charged her with FVPA Assault. #oilcity #news