Clint Webb sentenced for attempted second-degree murder

(Casper,Wyo.) -This afternoon forty-three year old Clint Webb was sentenced after a six member jury found him guilty of second degree murder. Today Assistant District Attorney Dan Itzen commented "Looking at Webb's past criminal history, there are some shocking things in it, that all go towards relationships that end badly". "His anger was so blind when he attacked Mrs. Webb, and this was a case of control and the fact that she did not acknowledge him. Webb's sentencing attorney spoke to Judge Forgey and commented, "There is no doubt what Mr. Webb did that day was inappropriate. It was a terrible choice he made that ruined many lives, including his own. Yet the State is taking that five minute incident and imposing a fifty-five year sentence. That is too much punishment and too harsh." He continued, "Before this incident, Mr. Webb was a contributing member of society and a good father, he was a good person." Clint Webb declined to comment before the Honorable Daniel Forgey laid down his sentence. The Judge ruled that Clint Webb would serve five to seven years in the WSP for counts one and two, one to three years for count three and these sentences will run concurrent. For count four, Webb will serve thirty-forty-five years in the WSP following his previous sentence. He was also ordered to pay $3,832 for restitution. Click the link to read more about this Case . #oilcity #news