Have you seen this booklet?

*(Casper, Wyo.) *- Thousands of copies of this little blue booklet should be circulating in Natrona County, but have you seen it? “How to Talk to Kids about Alcohol and Other Drugs” provides adults a way to approach this challenging topic through scenarios, talking points and ways to role model healthy behaviors. While the conversation may seem daunting, parents remain the number one influence in children’s lives, including when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Created by Prevention Management Organization (PMO) of Wyoming, this booklet is part of First Lady Carol Mead’s campaign to prevent alcohol and substance abuse among youth. It’s available in English and Spanish. Every public school in Natrona County has received copies of the booklet to give to parents. If you haven’t received one, please ask the school for a copy. If you would like a copy, send a message to the PMO Natrona County Facebook page or call 472-5991, and staff will assist you. For further resources visit The PMO wants to thank the Natrona County Prevention Coalition for supporting this initiative to combat underage drinking. Share stories of how you’ve talked to your kids about drug and alcohol abuse here . ​#news #sponsored #oilcity