Mills man found with loaded revolver after allegedly attacking his wife; He was arrested for domestic battery and reckless endagerment

(Mills, Wyo.) - At approximately 7:43 pm on December 1st, Mills Police Officers were dispatched to a residence in Mills for a report from a woman who advised that her daughter had told her that her husband, Andrew Pino was beating her up, according to court records. Officers arrived on scene and observed that the fence in front of the residence had been damaged. The officers walked to the front door and reports indicate that they could hear a woman crying and moaning inside the residence. The female was crying for her mother. Officers knocked on the door and they were told to go away. Officers advised the woman to open the door or they would force open the door. They observed a silver colored key in the dead bolt and used the key to unlock the door. According to court records, officers observed a slightly built Native American female on a bed, which was in the front living room. The woman had her hands on her head and officers could see that she was bleeding profusely, according to records. They also observed a towel that was covered in blood. The officers then requested medical personnel to the scene. Medical assistance arrived from the Mills Fire Department to aid the woman. She was taken by ambulance to WMC. Officers then took photos of the residence and spoke with neighbors. Two men advised that the male at the residence, identified as Andrew Pino had pulled out of the driveway approximately eight times that evening. Court records indicate that Pino would spin his tires, rev his engine in the driveway and pull out drive around the block then pull up in the driveway again. They continued to report that on the eighth and last time he pulled in at an angle and slide his truck into the fence and went inside. The two men reported that they heard yelling and screaming in the house and then Pino left in his truck. They stated that the two fight all the time. Officers then spoke with one of Pino's kids at another residence in the area, and officers were advised that Pino was passed out in his truck in front of another trailer. Officers then went to the residence where Pino's truck was parked. The officers approached the passenger side of the vehicle and observed Pino passed out in the driver's seat of the truck. They also observed a bottle of alcohol and a large knife on the seat within arm's reach. Court records indicate that they also observed a black revolver in Pino's lap. The officers retreated to a position of cover and requested more units to the scene. Reports indicate that several State Troopers arrived on scene and had the surrounding trailers in the area evacuated. Officers from Casper Police Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol and Natrona County Sheriff's Office used bullet resistant shields and advanced on the truck, and removed Pino from the vehicle. Several boxes of .22 caliber ammunition were found in Pino's possession. Reports indicate that they inspected the revolver and observed that it had been loaded with at least one cartridge. Officers from Mills Police Department and WHP interviewed Pino who stated that he had a couple beers to drink, and he had come home after it was dark, he did not know what time, according to reports. He stated that his wife had freaked out on him and he then got upset and pushed his tv set on the floor. Pino then stated that he left the trailer. He stated that he went to talk to a friend and they talked for awhile. He told officers that he did not know how he got back to his truck. He stated to officers that he did not know how his wife was injured and he denied assaulting her. He did not know she had been injured, according to reports. He stated that she had stabbed him, but could not elaborate on how or where he was stabbed. When asked about the revolver in his possession he stated initially that it was a cap gun. Reports continued to report that he later admitted that his wife had given him the pistol and 4-5 boxes of ammo to him. Pino stated that he had never shot the pistol.Officers found blood stains on his coat, and logged it into evidence. Reports continued to show that officers spoke with another person who was involved who reported that Pino had come to her trailer and knocked, but she did not open the door for him, as she knew Pino and his wife had been fighting again. While Pino was outside of the residence she heard several loud "pops", according to reports. The woman believed that Pino had fired his pistol 2-3 times. The officers were later advised that investigators had found a spent .22 casting in the revolver and several loose spent .22 castings. Andrew Pino was transported to the Natrona County Detention Center and charged with his third domestic battery charge, leading to a felony charge, and a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment. This afternoon his bond was set at $7,500. More information will be provided as it becomes available. #oilcity #news