SLIB board approves all Natrona County BRC grant requests during October meeting

The Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) considered 19 Wyoming Business Council Business Ready Community (BRC) grant requests totaling $15,002,625 at a meeting this morning in Cheyenne. The Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors recommended during its Sept. 10 meeting the SLIB approved all but one of the grant requests. The Business Council administers the BRC program. The program provides financing for publicly-owned infrastructure that serves the needs of businesses and promotes economic development and diversity within Wyoming communities. The Business Council Board of Directors is required by state statute to forward all BRC recommendations to the SLIB for final approval. The SLIB comprises the five statewide elected officials: governor, secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer and state superintendent of public instruction. The board approved all Natrona County Grants including: BRC Community Enhancement - *Casper requests a $500,000 Community Enhancement grant for Phase II of the Platte River Revival.* The project is a restoration project for 13.5 miles of the North Platte River and its banks that traverse Casper.(Board recommended funding in full) - *Natrona County Economic Development JPB*, in cooperation with the Casper Downtown Development Authority, requests a $500,000 Community Enhancement grant for Phase I of the Casper Downtown Public Plaza project consisting of property acquisition, environmental studies and site clearance and preparation.(Board recommended funding in full) BRC Planning - *Natrona County requests a $50,000 planning grant* to complete an updated comprehensive economic development strategy. (Board recommended funding in full). Casper Area Economic Development Alliance (CAEDA) President and CEO Bill Edwards commented after the ruling, “It’s a good day for Natrona County. Exciting things are happening around town, and these grant approvals only add to the excitement. We are also pleased that Mills and Evansville both had Community Development Block grants approved. Together we continue to move Natrona County forward making a vibrant and diverse community. Congratulations to all!” *Feature photo: Casper Public Plaza, Downtown Development Authority /