Personalities of Casper: The other side of the lens of Casper native Jim Atack

Have you witnessed his stunning Casper Mountain snaps? Or the glimmering North Platte shots? If you haven't, you probably should! We caught up with the man behind the lens, Jim Atack, today to hear what inspires him and how he is able to capture our Oil City in a different light. Jim said he is a Casper native who grew up on Casper Mountain with his grandparents, where he gained a true love of the outdoors. He know works for Central Landscaping in town and has overcome grave things to be where he is today. "I was an addict for ten years. A few years ago I got clean and after that, I began going for walks around town and taking pictures," said Atack. Atack continued to report that after he got clean, he had a friend who told him to get a camera, "You have a good eye." Then it took off from there. After 42 years in Casper, Jim's passion for photography grew and he told us today: "It keeps me sane." He looks for whatever looks good and things that people don't always notice to capture with his Nikon D3200. "In the last three years, I have probably taken close to 300,000 photos, and I generally just use the standard Landscape setting," said Atack. "I mostly just have fun with it." Atack focuses on landscape and wildlife photos; he shies away from power lines and people. He claimed to be a welder by trade, and a photographer as a hobby. Check out some of his stunning works below, and visit Jim on Facebook to see some of his other snaps! [image: Capture2.PNG][image: apture.PNG][image: 12235133_10205294368903130_4869348790497766648_n.jpg][image: DSCF5261 (2).JPG] #oilcity #news