Wyoming Robotics Day; 10th year of the First LEGO League Championship

Today kids from across Wyoming brought there machines to the Casper Events Center to compete as Champions in the LEGO world. Sixty-four teams including twenty-three schools from Casper, three from Jackson, five from Sheridan, three from Buffalo, one from Sheridan, Burns, Thermopolis, Laramie, Powell, Pinedale, Dubois, Lusk, Wheatland, Midwest, and Evansville. The elementary kids from each school selected unique team names such as Spiderbots, Destroyasaurus Wrecks, Laser Bots, Cowboy Joes, and more! Wyoming's Superintendent of Public Instruction, Julian Barlow also spoke to the students and welcomed them to the event. "Guess what one of my first toys was? I only had one set of Red, White, and Blue Legos that I learned to love. Legos were my best friend. Today you are all here as the future of Wyoming, the innovators, the inventors and creators.Be bold today and have fun," said Barlow as she celebrated with the kids. A fun fact that she shared was the origin of the name LEGO. "LEGO is made up of two Danish words, Leg and Goat which translates to 'Play Well' so I urge you all today to to have fun and play well!" Governor Mead also wrote a letter to the teams and Proclaimed today as Wyoming Robotics Day! See videos at our instagram and some photos below: ​ Feature Photo: Grant Elementary Robo Dragons/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #county10 #dally #reboot #buckrail #shortgo #news