22-year-old Luke Horneck pleads guilty to federal sex crime

(Casper, Wyo.) – 22-year-old Luke Horneck changed his plea to guilty this morning to the single charge of one federal sex crime. He was arrested and charged on September 21, 2015. Horneck was charged in federal court with Travel with Intent to Engage in Illegal Sexual Conduct, which is punishable by up to 30 years in prison. In exchange for his guilty plea, Horneck will serve no more than 36 months in prison and he will be ordered to complete the sexual offender program. According to court records, on September 13, 2015, Casper Police Officers responded to a call on Wolcott Street in reference to a welfare check. A California resident reported that his daughter had run away from her home in California. The victim is about 15 years old. She was believed to be with Casper resident Horneck. The girl’s father reported that the GPS location captured an IP address in the area of Mills, Wyoming. After additional investigating, according to court records the Casper Police Detectives learned that the girl was reportedly missing and a runaway. On the 15th of September, CPD officers were contacted by Horneck’s relatives who reported that they could see a female juvenile sitting in his vehicle. They attempted to speak with Horneck about it, but he would not engage them. Horneck’s relatives told officers that he returned to his vehicle and drove away. According to records, a short time later officers located Horneck’s vehicle parked at the Parkway Plaza, and they spoke with management who reported that a room had just been rented by Horneck. Officers located him and the juvenile in the room. Detectives and an FBI agent interviewed the juvenile who stated that the two had been friends for over a year and a half, and they had made a plan for her to run away a few weeks ago. She reported that Horneck drove from Wyoming to California and picked her up. Over the next three days Horneck drove them back to Wyoming, and he had turned his phone to ‘airplane mode’ for the time being. Detectives also spoke with Horneck who reported that he had driven to California to pick up the girl to get her away from “a bad family situation.” Horneck will be sentenced in February for the crime. #oilcity #news