3 arrested following a drug deal gone bad on Landmark Lane

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Friday, December 4th at approximately 12:06 am Casper Police Officers were dispatched to Wyoming Medical Center for a report of an assault with a firearm. Emergency staff advised officers that 18-year-old James Haga had arrived earlier with three gunshot wounds. Court records indicate that officers spoke with Haga, and it was learned that three individuals, identified as Travis James Coberly, Stephen Gale Spearman, and Mason Charles Fletcher were at Landmark Drive in a garage. While the three were engaging in what was believed to be a drug transaction, Fletcher is believed to be the supplier and Spearman was the buyer. Reports indicate that Haga entered the garage when he heard a loud bang and believed something had gone wrong. When he entered, he observed Fletcher to be attacking Spearman. Haga then approached Fletcher and hit him in the face. He stated that Fletcher then backed up and pulled out a handgun. Reports indicate that Fletcher fired several rounds at Haga hitting him the right arm and right hip. Coberly and Fletcher ran from the scene. Spearman loaded Haga up and took him to WMC and then left. Detectives were later able to locate Spearman, Coberly and Fletcher after several interviews and search warrants were obtained for a residence on the West side of Casper, at GIla Bend Road. Authorities learned from interviews with the men that the events were described as an attempted robbery by two masked men who entered the garage where the three men were hanging out. After speaking with the men, the story changed to them being at the garage to purchase marijuana. While Spearman and Coberly were buying the drugs, Haga entered the garage and surprised Fletcher; after a brief altercation Flecher shot Haga. During interviews with the four men, it was learned that a fifth man was also involved. Twenty-five year old Taylor J Whitting, who was waiting outside of the garage to perform the robbery against Fletcher, according to reports. Reports show that once Haga had been shot, Whitting was observed hiding behind the vehicle in the garage. While Fletcher was trying to escape, he hit Whitting in the head with the butt of the handgun. It was later learned that the men dropped the handgun at a Loaf and Jug on S. Poplar Street. Following the investigation Casper Police arrested 18-year-old Fletcher for possession of a controlled substance, as well as 18-year-old Spearman for robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, and two possessions of controlled substances. Twenty-five-year-old Whiting was also arrested in connection to the incident for robbery, possession of a controlled substance, and failure to appear. The investigation continues and more arrests may be pending. #oilcity #news