Travel back to a simpler time with simpler toys at Casper's Historic Bishop Home

(Casper, Wyo.) - The Historic Bishop Home was constructed in 1907 by WT Evans, the company that built the courthouses in Casper and one of the first multi-brick homes. Marvin Lord Bishop and Leona Bishop raised ten children, seven girls and four boys in the home. [image: DSCF5276 (2).JPG] It was built on the highest point overlooking Casper in the Capitol Hill Subdivision, with hopes of Casper being named the capitol city of Wyoming. "At the time, Casper was growing bigger and better, and it was off to a rolling start, " commented Susan Bishop, the youngest granddaughter of Marvin and Leona. Susan continued to educate us about the Historic Bishop Home along Second Street and told us that the home is a four-square prairie-style home and is very symmetrical. Her grandfather, Marvin Bishop, came to Wyoming in 1888 and four years later he entered the Oil City to work as a postmaster for six years. He later found comfort in the growing wool business in Wyoming and this profession allowed him to build the famous Bishop Home that we often times miss in Casper today. [image: DSCF5272 (2).JPG] Fifteen Casper College students in a Museum Studies course, came together to recognize and celebrate the Bishop Home and create an exhibit showcasing 100 Years of Toys from the home. "The display is the collection of toys from the Bishop Collection; all of the toys placed in the home were found hidden in the attic, and the students dug them out, cleaned them up and created the displays," said Susan at the Bishop House. Two of the Bishop girls, Pink and Lucil had rooms upstairs, and were both 'career women' in a 'female dominated home' said Susan. Lucil worked for the early school district in Natrona County, and her room was decorated with board games from the past including an early version of *Chinese Checkers*,* Aquire, *and *Chicago in a Box*. Another sister, Margaret, had a room decorated with Circus toys. The "legitimate beauty Queen," as Susan put it, Lillian's room became the Motor Room. Lillian was named Miss University of Wyoming in 1924. Her room was equipped with trucks and parking garages and an old rocking horse that Susan discovered hidden in a crawl space. "I found the old rocking horse while I was doing some cleaning. I had never been in the dark dirty crawl space, but I was already as dirty as I could get from cleaning and thought why not crawl in and see what I could find. I found the horse, which still had a tail with real horse hair!" [image: DSCF5317 (2).JPG] Another Christmas treat that the Bishop Home has available to visitors is a first-time look into the attic of the Bishop Home. Due to safety concerns the attic has generally been closed off to visitors, but with the toy display and the use of caution going up the old staircase, the attic opens up to a whole room full of toys. "In the attic the Bishop boys would stay while going to school in the Winter time. In the Summer months the boys were out working. It was later turned into a toy room, and this is where the students found most of the toys," Susan said Climbing the stairs to the attic, we found another interesting play time favorite of the Bishop kids. Written along the old walls of staircase were "grocery lists" where the kids use to make grocery lists and as they played. The 100 Years of Toy exhibit will be on display until January 16th, and this weekend the home will be open for tours from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm with some holiday treats and cider available to visitors. "We are really excited about this exhibit, the students did a fantastic job. We have lots of great things going on, we just received a generous grant to do some of the repairs to the attic and the interior of the building, and we are excited to share the home with the Casper community," concluded Susan. See some photos below of the Toy display, but you will have to check it out yourself to see the toys in the attic: [image: DSCF5305 (2).JPG][image: DSCF5313 (2).JPG][image: DSCF5315 (2).JPG][image: DSCF5288 (2).JPG][image: DSCF5293 (2).JPG][image: DSCF5299 (2).JPG] #oilcity #news