Casper City Council puts Eclipse Festival proposal on hold

During Tuesday night's Casper City Council's Special Meeting the board elected to table the proposal with Forte Events to put on the 2017 Eclipse Festival in Casper. According to Casper City Manager V.H. McDonald: "Several months ago the planning for the Eclipse Festival in Casper began. The effort involved the City of Casper City Council, Natrona County Commission, the Casper Area Economic and Development board, and the Downtown Development and Planning board. There was a large need for a committee to put this on, and the City of Casper was offered a contract from Forte Events to help us put it on." Forte Events is an event production firm based out of Colorado. McDonald continued to report that Forte Events provided the City with a two phase plan. Phase one included identifying their plan for the festival and how they anticipate providing safety, shelter, and security for the event and the report was due for review in February of 2016. Phase two included actually executing their plan and seeking local and national sponsors for the event. However, objections were raised that other companies had not been given a chance to provide proposals. The board elected to table the approval of Forte's proposal until another meeting and allow other proposals to be submitted until December 17th, then the council could consider the proposals at a work session and then make a final decision at the end of the year. #oilcity #news