Wyoming Food for Thought and local volunteer groups prepared food bags for the Holiday Break

Wyoming Food for Thought and nearly 120 volunteers from the community stepped in tonight to prepare 550 bags of food for school kids during the sixteen day Holiday Break. ​ Casper Fire Chief Tim Cortez and his two little ones joined in the fun assembly line adding mac and cheese, ramen noodles, and various other snacks and foods for kids during the break away from school. Chief Cortez was also joined by a few of his fire fighters, members of the Casper Police Department and about thirty little girls from Evolution Dance in Casper and their parents. ​ Casper Police Department Detective John Hatcher was also in attendance, as he works to help out once a week. Hatcher commented before the bagging process began,"As police officers, we see families and kids in need all the time. This is just one way for us to give back to the community." He later commented, "This is pretty neat to see, this is the most people I have seen down here to help fill the food bags." Cassandra Bush, Wyoming Food for Thought Program Director reported that a team of student council members from from Sagewood Elementary were upstairs at the church filling bags for the students this weekend, while the Evolution Dance girls were downstairs filling bags for the holiday break. She also told the crowd that all of the food rounds up to around 34,000 meals. We also caught up with Jamie Purcell, Executive Director at Wyoming Food for Thought and she told us,"I fee like this gives our kids hope. When many of them leave school for the break, they are giving up their friends and some of their support system. It gives them a better feeling of safety and warmth to have warm food to eat." It was reported that this was one of the biggest crowds of help Wyoming Food for Thought has had for the food bagging which they have been doing every Wednesday night. After the 550 bags were filled tied and stacked, the gang at WFFT will add a Christmas book from the Casper College book drive (700 books were collected at the Casper College Library for the bags). Purcell concluded commenting, "We have four or five fire fighters here tonight, and they have not shut us down yet with too many people in the building so we are dong good and want to thank the community for their help." See photos below and great job Evolution Dance Team and Sagewood Student Council for the help! ​ #oilcity #news