Who is your hero? 29 third-graders at Mills Elementary celebrated their heroes today

"He hugs me before I go to school. My dad is my hero," said one of the students today at the Hero Celebration at Mills Elementary. Throughout this school year the teachers worked with the third-graders to recognize heroes in the community who inspire them; today the students sat with their heroes and presented their essays and artwork. It was a team effort for the PE instructor, art teacher and music teacher who put the celebration together. Firefighters, police men, two Afghanistan veterans, doctors, brothers, mothers and fathers, and grandparents were deemed heroes without capes today. "The students have been working super hard all through the school year to think about who their heroes are, and they really put their hearts into it," said one of the teachers. The kids shared their heroes' super powers, which included kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, intelligence, bravery, respect, and other powerful skills. One little boy recognized his older brother from protecting him and helping him out when he was bored; another recognized an older kid from the school who has helped him to overcome bullying. "You don't need a cape to be a hero." "Soldiers are my heroes, they serve and protect our country everyday." "My heroes are the Military, they gave us my freedom." "My hero helped me to ignore bullies." The kids all shared wonderful stories about their heroes, and the struggles that they have overcome; it proved tough to hold back tears for all in attendance. [image: 20151211_110015.jpg] [image: 20151211_110120.jpg] [image: 20151211_110151.jpg] [image: 20151211_110656.jpg] #oilcity #news