'Don't fall for it here;' Recent nationwide IRS scam hits Casper

(Casper, Wyo.) - The number one scam in the United States has hit our Oil City, according to Casper Police Department Detective John Hatcher. "We have received ten to eleven calls in regards to the scam in the last week and a half. The caller has affected many and some reports show nearly 2,000 calls a day. The caller calls from a local number and leaves messages stating that the IRS is filling a lawsuit against the person, and if they don't pay the fine, they will be arrested." Hatcher continued to report that local law enforcement will not get involved in Federal cases, and if there is a message from the IRS it will generally come in the mail. "We just want to remind the community that the Federal Government is investigating the scam and to not fall for it here." *h.t Image by scyther5/ * #oilcity #news