Casper Civic Chorale lifts patients' spirits with Christmas carols

About 20 singers from the Casper Civic Chorale sang carols at Wyoming Medical Center Thursday night as part of a continuing effort to bring music to our patients and visitors. They started in the Jerry Behrens MD Orthopedic, Spine and General Surgery Center, singing in hallways before serenading several patients in their rooms. They then moved to the front lobby to greet visitors coming from work to see loved ones in the hospital. Their voices filled the Sky Lobby and could be heard around the corner at the Center Elevators. [image: merry-xmas-053.jpg] “It was totally unexpected and very appreciated. It’s good to have people in our community who want to do this,” said Mike Rone, a surgical patient treated to the chorale’s rendition of “The First Noel.” “I think music puts a smile on your face, and that’s a start to healing.” One patient, Jim Nations, thought he’d be leaving the hospital sometime Thursday until he and his doctor decided he needed one more night to make sure he was ready to go home after surgery. At about 5:30 p.m., as he was settling in for his last hospital evening, Nations heard Christmas carols wafting into his room from the corridors outside. Four singers broke from the chorus a few minutes later and sang to him from the foot of his bed. Nations sang along. [image: merry-xmas-029.jpg] “It’s so quiet here usually,” he said after they’d finished. “It always helps to hear people sing, and if you get to join in, so much the better.” Numerous studies link music therapy to improved healing. “Bringing music into the hospital really makes a difference to our patients,” said Caryn Luberto, executive director of the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation. “We’ve had several other musicians come in, thanks to the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, and we’ve noticed right away that patients tap their feet even when they are lying in bed. They really just love it, and we think it does help them feel better.” #oilcity #news #wmc