City plow crews continue to battle battling winds to secure the streets

The City of Casper plow crews have been working continuously since 4:00 pm on Monday to remove snow from streets. Windy conditions on Thursday evening and Friday have made travel difficult throughout the city. Conditions are especially difficult in the following areas: Wyoming Boulevard, Paradise Drive, Centennial Hills, 25th & Poplar, Oakcrest, and the Sunrise Area. Plow crews have visited major streets in these areas several times. They will continue to clear these areas, but motorists should be aware of rapidly changing conditions there. Wind has made salting less effective than normal. Motorists should travel cautiously. Any area with large open spaces may experience drifting that may make streets impassable. City plow crews will continue snow fighting efforts overnight and into the weekend. Plow crews will address major streets known as arterials and collectors first. Residential areas will then be addressed. *Feature Photo: h.t. Keep Casper Beautiful/ Pitchengine Communities* #oilcity #news