Roosevelt High School sang with a local celebrity before kicking off the holiday break

This afternoon Roosevelt High School students were entertained by Wyoming local musician and celebrity Aquile. Aquile, a Douglas native, has performed with Christina Aguilera on the Voice and competed in American Idol when he was just sixteen years old. He played some tunes from Drake and some of his own music and inspired the students with positive messages to grow in the future today at RHS. "If you love something and your persistent, you can achieve anything. I learned to love music at an early age and just grew from there. I give credit to my teachers, they helped to pursue my passions," said Aquile. Aquile has performed with Macklemore, Kenny Logins, Lupe Fiasco, Bone Thugs N Harmony, BB King and lots of other great artists. "It is always great to come back to Wyoming. I give a lot of credit to Wyoming for what it has done for me. I am proud to be from Wyoming." He stayed to answer questions from students, and one student questioned him, "Why are you so fine?" He blushed a bit and told the crowd he got it from his mother. From small town Douglas to the big stage on the Voice and X-Factor, Aquile keeps a smile on his face and continues to inspire others to success. ​ #oilcity #news