#MemoryMonday: A look back at winter transportation

We love these two #MemoryMonday photos from our sister sites County 10 and Basin Reboot . We know there must be some #MemoryMonday oldies but goodies floating around Casper! If you have a great throwback snap from Natrona County, share it with us so we can share with our friends. [image: 12377985_555945914563988_5827445234760700814_o.jpg] Above photo: Mike Johnson dressed as Santa with a team of Shetland Ponies as reindeer pulling a sled. Taken on his farm in 1948. H/t Brian Beauvais of the Park County Archives. Feature photo: A two-horse team pulling a sleigh is featured in this undated photo from the Riverton Museum, but from Riverton's early days. Three people are riding in the sleigh. The back of photograph notes the passengers as Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Lawer and Mrs. Mattie (Booster) Palmer Mullen, Mrs. H.C. Lawer's sister. Photograph was taken on Broadway and Park street, looking east. H/t Riverton Museum / Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news #memorymonday