Dispatch: Concerned citizen points officers to 'drunkards chasing off customers' man arrested for public intoxication; Missing teen reported

(Casper, Wyo.) – Here is a recap of law enforcement activity from around Natrona County from over the past 24 hours. Those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Natrona County District Attorney’s Office. *Arrests:* *Casper Police Department* Marshall E Friday, Casper, public intoxication. On Tuesday, December 22nd at approximately 3:39 pm Casper Police Officers responded to 2nd Street in Casper in regards to a complaint involving two male subjects, according to reports. One of the males was reportedly, "high or drunk". Upon arrival at the Cenex on 2nd Street, a passerby stopped and pointed east out the window and said to officers, "they went that way." Officers questioned to whom, "they" were and the anonymous concerned citizen said, "The two drunkards chasing off customers." Officers later located the two males, according to court records, and identified the two men just outside of Jonah Bank. One of the males, identified as Marshall E Friday refused to speak with officers. It was noted in court records that officers could smell the distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Friday's breath and person. He reportedly had slurred speech and red, glossy eyes. Officers asked Friday if he would be willing to submit a portable breath test which he refused. Friday then took off his sunglasses and said, "I guess we are going to do this the hard way!" Reports show that Friday then clenched his fist and puffed out his chest making the notion he intended on fighting with officers. Two officers quickly grabbed Friday by his arms and placed him in handcuffs and transported him to NCDC. En route, it was reported that Friday continued to scream out and slam his head against the plastic cage in the back of the car. Reports show that at one point during the arrest, Friday commented how he could not be arrested as he was the chief. He was transported to WMC to be medically cleared and transported to Natrona County Detention Center. At NCDC he registered a BAC level of .338% and was charged with public intoxication. William P Holmes, Casper, county warrant/hold for agency. Donald L Raines, Casper, Civil Bench Warrant/ interference w/PO. James E Severson, Casper, failure to appear. William C Tucker, Casper, county warrant/hold for agency, vandalism, destruction of property, Criminal Warrant. *Total Arrests Reported: *5 *Calls:* Casper Police Department responded to *115 *calls including nine accidents, four disturbances, four drugs, five family fights, five frauds, four hit and runs, one loud music, one public intoxication, two shoplifting, two parking problems, and one missing teen: *Kayleigh Masiero*, she is 16 and has been missing in Casper for the past 5 days. Pleas contact her father Tony 307-333-5544. *Arrests:* *Natrona County Sheriff's Office* Delight H Brown, hold for CAC. Trevor R Hyde, failure to appear. Codi A Mays, Criminal Warrant. Stephen A Frack, Criminal Trespass. Kristen L Smith, failure to comply. Darren L Dumas, failure to appear, failure to comply. Nicholas L Kuhnel, DWUI, violate FVPA Court order. Brittany R Border, hold for probation and parole. Nicholas J Elmore, domestic battery. Brandon S Walsh, failure to appear. James B Govan, possession of controlled substance, no driver's license, no insurance. *US Marshall's* Jose Mejia-Becerril, contract hold/billing. Jorge L Llufrio, contract hold/billing. Allen J Whiteplume Jr., contract hold/billing. Louis S Yellowfox, contract hold/billing. Robert J Aragon, contract hold/billing. Martin J Goggles, contract hold/billing. *Total Inmates Reported:* 230 *Calls:* Natrona County Sheriff's Office responded to *37 *calls including one animal problem on Polar and Amoc Road, two drugs, eleven traffic stops, and one assault. #oilcity #news