Casper man arrested for two counts of first degree sexual assault for attacks on three woman

(Casper, Wyo.) -On December 23rd Casper Police Officers took a report from a female who stated that she was engaging in mail delivery in Casper when a male she observed as having brown hair, according to court records, and other descriptions approached her and complemented her looks. He then asked for a cigarette which the woman refused. He then asked the woman for a hug and refused. Reports show that she attempted to leave in her company vehicle when the male grabbed her from behind, embraced her and used his hand to 'aggressively' touch her. She shoved the male off and left the area. On December 14th Casper Police Officers had received a similar report. In court records it was reported that another woman was engaging in mail delivery at another location in Casper when she observed a male having brown hair and a similar description. The same male contacted and complemented the female, asked for a cigarette and a hug. The woman denied the requests and sat in the driver's seat of her company vehicle. Reports show that the male climbed into the vehicle and grabbed her, embraced her and forced himself on her. The woman reportedly trapped the male's hand between her thighs and grabbed a pocket knife to scare the male away. On December 10th CPD took another report of a missing person from the Natrona County Library. Reports show that the missing person was identified and later located in Casper. She told officers that she had been sexually assaulted. The woman reported that she was contacted by a male who gave her a cigarette. The male then took her to Poverty Resistance and they ate soup together. Both left there and went to an alley when the male reportedly in court records forced himself on her without consent. He committed sexual acts against the woman before leaving. Reports continue to show that utilizing numerous research tools Casper PD located a male, identified as eighteen year old Dillan Beach. With the use of open source social media, Beach was also matched to the description given by the victims in each matter. Detectives later located Beach with his mother at a Casper address. Reports show that he willing went to CPD to be interviewed. During the interview Beach admitted to contacting and touching both mail carriers. He also admitted to having intercourse with a female from the above report. After the interview Beach was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree sexual assault and one count of attempted third degree sexual assault. Today Beach appeared for his initial court appearance where he did not enter pleas due to the felony charges, and his bond was set at $75,000. #oilcity #news