Two arrested in Wed. night shoplifting incident

On Wednesday, December 30th at about 5:53 pm Casper Police Officers responded to the East side Wal Mart in reference to a shoplifting in progress. The Reporting Party advised that she had a Hispanic male and an African American male under surveillance. She advised officers that the males were still in the store but the Hispanic male was observed taking a utility knife, removed it from its packaging and concealed the utility knife, according to police records. Officers were also advised that the Hispanic male had a folding knife with the blade open. She described the male as short, wearing a NFL Raiders jacket and also wearing a NFL Raiders ball cap that was positioned backwards on his head. Reports continued, officers were advised while en route to the location, that the Hispanic male had fled the store after dropping numerous food items after being confronted. Dispatch advised officers that the male was headed South bound towards Furniture Row. The other male remained in the store. Before responding to Wal Mart officers checked the area near the Wal Mart. Officers observed the described Hispanic male walking North through the Nissan of Casper parking lot and confronted the male. Considering the folding knife and utility knife, officers ordered the male to his knees. Reports show that the male refused to comply and continued to walk towards officers. One of the officers drew his sidearm, pointing it at the ground in a low ready position and ordered the male to his knees again. The male did comply this time. Officers advised dispatch that they were holding the male at gun point and requested assistance. Several seconds later, according to reports, the male jumped to his feet and fled Northwest across SE Wyoming BLVD. Officers pursued the male who ran directly towards Taco Bell, according to reports. The male subject ran into the Taco Bell and ran towards the back, past the counter. Officers ran to the back of the restaurant and the male burst out of the back door and officers again ordered him to the ground. Reports show that the male continued running West and ran towards the Arby's parking lot. Evansville Police Department also responded to the scene. Reports show that the male saw the units in front of him, and knew there was officers behind him, and he decided to give up. He complied with officers. Once the male was secured officers searched him. During the search officers located a container with a screw lid which held a small marijuana pipe with suspected residue as well as two small zip lock baggies with suspected marijuana. They also located the stolen Stanley utility knife, and the folding knife with the open blade, as well as other stolen property. The stolen property included: several rolls of parachute cord, a package of bracelet buckles and a 200 count of 500mg Equate brand Acetaminophen. Once the Hispanic male, identified as Frank Caisas, was secured, officers responded back to the Wal Mart where other officers were holding the other male. The African American man was identified as Anthony J. Friday. Friday was arrested and charged with shoplifting of two items including a roll of speaker wire and a Cranberry vitamin supplement, totaling $18.94. Frank Caisas was arrested and charged with shoplifting, two interference charges and possession of a controlled substance. #oilcity #news ​