Top 12 Reader Submitted #Snaps from 2015!

It has been quite the year in the Oil City! We welcome in 2016 with hopes of new beginnings and fresh starts! We here at Oil City received well over 365 photos from our faithful readers, which made it terribly difficult to select only 12! Here they are to help you travel back through your 2015: ​ ​h.t. Rhonda Zimmerman from a February flight over Casper. ​ ​h.t Rose Fry After the recent snowfall in February morning, Rose Fry walked along the North Platte River across from the Tate Pumphouse to snap this lovely image. ​ ​h.t Mike McLemore shared a great February shot from Hogadon! ​ ​h.t Elliott Ramage from a March walk along the Platte with Dudley. ​ ​h.t Jill Shire an April Spring storm left Casper Mountain painted in white, for at least a day or two. ​ ​h.t Amy Bordonaro captured this shot of the white water park near the Tate Pumphouse in April. ​ ​h.t Christopher Thomas snapped these May Flowers wrapped in snow! ​ ​h.t. Cecil Teague caught an Oil City Sunset in late July. ​ ​h.t Luke Hansen found our Indian Paintbrush painted on top of Casper Mountain in August. ​ ​h.t Dan Straka for this shot last November of the the Iridescent Lenticular from Casper Mountain Road overlook. ​​ ​h.t. Jim Atack for this stunning December snap from Casper Mountain! ​ ​h.t Katie Martin for snapping and adding this December shot to our collection! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2016! #oilcity #news #snapped