Morning Update: CPD and Casper Fire EMS responded to Foxhill Apartments

Casper Fire/EMS and Casper Police Department responded to Foxhill Apartments for an incident at approximately 6:20 pm Sunday evening. According to police records, they responded to the Missouri Building at Foxhill Apartments for a reported shooting. The reporting party, Dana Michelle Miller, told 911 dispatch that she had accidently shot her husband. Casper PD officers arrived on scene and made contact with Miller and her husband. The 27 year old male had an obvious gun shot wound to the chest, according to reports and was transported to WMC. Officers observed a Glock 9mm handgun in the area the male was located in. Miller was asked by officers to to go to CPD for an interview which she agreed to. Officers were called in to investigate the event. At CPD officers spoke with Miller who admitted to having consumed alcohol with her husband that evening. She stated that the male became too intoxicated and started calling her insulting names which caused her to be frustrated. She stated that she was in the bedroom of the apartment while the man was calling her insulting names when she grabbed the Glock 9mm from under their mattress. She later walked into the kitchen of the apartment where her husband was standing and pointed the black handgun in an attempt to make him stop calling her names. Reports show that the male did not heed her warnings and continued to insult the woman, at which time Miller pulled the trigger of the handgun shooting him in the chest. Reports show that she dropped the handgun, placed a towel on him and called 911 for assistance. Miller stated that the handgun was purchased for their protection. She added that she had been taken out and taught how to shoot the gun. Detectives obtained a search warrant for the apartment, during the search officers located the firearm on the floor in the kitchen. The found dried blood in the kitchen and a ricochet mark on the kitchen wall in the vicinity of where Miller stated she was standing during the shooting. They also located a spent shell casting on on the floor. Miller was arrested and charged with aggravated FVPA assault. Her husband was still in WMC at the time of the investigation and is in stable condition. ​ #oilcity #news