Casper City Council to welcome in Mayor Sandoval tonight, then it is back to business

It is anticipated that Casper City Council will welcome in and officially name previous Vice Mayor, Daniel Sandoval as the 2016 Casper Mayor during Tuesday night's meeting. Charlie Powell served as the Mayor in 2015. During a recent work session, council selected Daniel Sandoval as the new Casper Mayor, and Councilman Steve Cathey to join him as Vice Mayer. Vice Mayor Sandoval commented Tuesday, "The city is well managed and I don't for see any big changes from me as Mayor. It is not a reign change from Mayor Powell to me, it is more of a passing of the hat." Casper City Councilwoman will also be stepping down from her role as she plans to move West with her husband. Looking to Tuesday night's Agenda, council will consider: - Authorizing a grant from Wyoming Business Council, in the Amount of $500,000, for the River Restoration Construction in the Wyoming Boulevard/Water Treatment Plant Reach. - Authorizing Acceptance of a Grant from the Wyoming Highway Safety Selective Traffic Enforcement Program in the Amount of $55,050 for Use by the Police Department for DUI and Traffic Enforcement. - Approving a Contract with the Downtown Development Authority for the Management Operations of the Parking Garage and the Public Parking Lot at 1st and Center Streets. - More Click the link to see the Full Agenda . #news #oilcity