Telephone Scam Alert: Firefighters do not request funds over the phone

Casper Fire/ EMS Public Safety Lead Dispatcher, Jacci Warne reported that she had recently taken several calls from citizens in Casper saying they had received a phone call from someone with the Afton Fire Department saying they were raising funds for fire fighters statewide. Warne checked with Afton Fire and they are advising that this is a scam. They will be putting the information on their FB Page advising citizens not to donate to these callers. Wyoming State Fire Marshall Lanny Applegate also had a relative receive one of the scam calls. The caller asks for credit card or bank information, "Don't give them any information," he said. "The only fundraising we do is for our annual convention, and we do that through ticket sales, that's all," Walters said. "We never solicit over the phone." Calls have reportedly come from an Afton number, (307) 886-4833. When the number is dialed, callers receive an automated message that the number has been disconnected. Do not be fooled by these calls. #headsup #oilcity #news