Mayor Sandoval ready for new opportunities for council in 2016

Casper welcomed in Casper's newest Mayer last night, as Councilman Daniel Sandoval was unanimously elected by fellow council members. "We have a very competent council and I don't see any significant changes to come from this council.We have an opportunity on this council and we will fulfill that opportunity tonight," said Mayor Sandoval. Council also voted unanimously to elect Councilman Steve Cathey as the new Vice Mayor. With Sandoval stepping in as Mayor, previous Mayor Charlie Powell said his goodbyes to the Mayor seat and commented, "When I came in as the Casper Mayor, I wanted to be the most boring Mayor Casper has seen. I think I achieved this. I wanted to switch the headlines about the council members, and make them about the projects we are working on. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this group and serve this community. As our previous City Manager said, 'Working in these positions is not a job, but a calling'. It has been an honor to work with all of you." New Mayor Sandoval presented Powell with a thank you plaque for his service to the community and concluded, "We will work to move Casper forward with vision and responsible accounting." #oilcity #news