NC Commissioners approved construction of a 75 foot mono-pole telecommunications tower

Natrona County Commissioners re-elected Forrest Chadwick as Chairman and addressed other issues during Tuesday night's meeting. The board of commissioners listened to public comments and approved a Conditional Use Permit to allow the construction and operation of a 75 foot mono-pole telecommunications tower at the Natrona County International Airport. According to reports from NC Planning and Zoning Director, Jason Gutierrez, "The tower will be placed off of Tobin Circle and Commerce Drive at the airport. It will include antennas and a six foot protective fence. The existing tower is being overloaded, and this tower will help with calls and communications." The commissioners also voted against another Conditional Use Permit application that would allow an Auto Reduction/Recycling Center to store vehicles on a property located at 14254 West along US Highway 20/26. Commissioner Steve Schlager questioned the applicant as to the long term plan for the cars to sit in the location, and it was learned that some of the vehicles may sit for a few weeks, while others years. Another issue that was brought up was the environmental concerns with the location of the center being close to Casper Creek, and high flood risks in the future. After some discussion the Commissioners elected to deny the request. #oilcity #news