Personalities of Casper: A Round with Casper's Joe Fernau

He hails from Lusk, Wyoming where he worked as a janitor to begin his career with the Niobrara County High School. Joe Fernau would eventually take the job as a maintenance man at the town golf course which of course sparked his interest in golf. "When I was younger my dad took me out and got me golfing, and I have loved it ever since," said Joe, City of Casper Municipal Golf Greens Supervisor. Fernau has lived and worked in the Oil City since 1984 when he took the lead as the Greens Supervisor at the Municipal Golf Course in Casper. ​ ​The rest is history. Fernau spent thirty plus years working for the city, maintaining the course, mowing and fertilizing, shoveling snow, moving snow drifts, and the occasional few rounds of golf. "My crew and I have have worked and maintained the equipment for many years, getting ready for the Spring rush, and getting everything in working order." Fernau told us today that his favorite hole on the course is #6, the Highlands par 5. ​​ "This hole was originally a par 4 when I started, but we wanted to increase it to a par 5, and we did all the work in house. It's always a fun hole." When Fernau is not golfing, he enjoys getting out in the Wyoming waters, fishing with his family and his ten grand kids. But of course his primary passion is golf. He said, "I have taken my grand kids out golfing a few times, but they seem more interested in video games and other things, they will figure it out one of these days." He continued to report that he has had many special memories of Casper, and the community has had a huge impact on his life. ​ "I will always hold on to the memories of the great people that I have met over the years. All the seasonal workers I have helped out and all the friends I have made. With thirty years at this position, I have met lots of great golfers." He continued, "I will also miss the serenity of the morning. Being the first one on the green and watching the sun come up every morning. The quiet of no wind at 5:00 am, watching the irrigation system shutting down, and the crew coming in and we get busy." After thirty years as the Greens Supervisor at the Municipal Golf Course, the proud Colorado State University Ram (we gave him some grief about this one) will be setting his sails and sailing into retirement. "Well as expected, I plan to do lots of golfing. I love playing new courses, Pebble Beach is one of my favorites. I just hope to spend more time with my family, fishing and just being together." Over the past thirty years, Fernau has witnessed many changes and improvements to the Muni, and has had a hand in the improvements. From an original eighteen hole course, Fernau and the city added the Links 9 in 1997. Fernau is counting his last few hours and last day, January 8th, with the city, and then he already has a trip planned to the Master's Course in Augusta, Georgia. He also told us he has hopes of traveling to play at The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, the Home of Golf! "I just want to thank the city of Casper overall. Everyone has been so great and I have enjoyed my time here. My supervisors, council and city managers have all worked with me and allowed me to do the things that I have done." "It has been a great place to work. The City of Casper and the community has been great to work with. Best advice I have is to enjoy your work and do the best you can, that is what I did." This was written on his Joe Fernau's calendar in his office! #Retired!! ​ #oilcity #news