Celebrate Spring with Dee at Casper College

The public is invited to attend the monthly “Coffee, Tea and Dee” event for the spring 2016 semester on the following Wednesdays: January 20, February 17, March 23, April 20, and May 4 at the Tate Geological Museum from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. “The coffee and tea are provided by P. Hawk Coffee Roasters, and are served free of charge courtesy of the Tate,” said Patti Finkle. According to Finkle, director of museums at Casper College, P. Hawk has developed a special blend of coffee “Pleistocene Epoch Coffee – Mammuthus columbi,” which will be available each month along with special varieties of Rooibos tea. “’Coffee, Tea and Dee’ provides a monthly opportunity for both the Casper College community and the local community to come visit the Tate, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on us, and check out the Tate’s many exhibits,” said Finkle. The Tate Geological Museum is located on the Casper College campus and the event is free and open to the public. #caspercollege #oilcity #whatshappening