'Foxes aren't always Red' at the Werner Wildlife Museum

Naturalist Mike Badgett will present “Foxes Aren’t Always Red” during the January edition of Animal House on Thursday, Jan. 14 at 4 p.m. at the Werner Wildlife Museum. “There are several different species of fox that grace Wyoming’s landscape, including the swift fox and gray fox while not forgetting the red fox,” said India Hayford museum assistant. Those attending Animal House will not only learn how the fox fits into our environment but also how it came to be a symbol of cleverness and stealth. Animal House is free and open to the public and takes place in the Wyoming Room of the Werner Wildlife Museum, which is located at 405 E. 15th Street. For more information, contact the museum at 307-235-2108. Feature Photo: Timothy Mayo/ Pitchengine Communities #caspercollege #oilcity #whatshappening