WGFD makes a splash along the North Platte stocking 200 rainbows

Today the Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocked 200 rainbow trout in the North Platte River at the Bryan Stock Trail Community Fishery. Pat Long, Senior Fish Culturist at the Tillet Springs Fish Hatchery, brought the fish from Lovell and Tillet. "These fish are rainbow broods from the Firehole River in Yellowstone and we brought them here to stock the urban waters for kids and families to fish.. The fish that the WGFD raise are for the public and for public use." Long has worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish in the Basin area for thirty-two years and has stocked fish all over the state. With help from Casper's Fish Biologist, Matt Hahn, the two transported the fish into the North Platte. The Casper wind continued to blow as the fish splashed into the icy waters. The three to four year old fish were almost twenty inches long, see Hahn holding the trout below and other photos of the flopping fish: ​ #oilcity #news #WGFD