$1.5 Billion! What could or would you buy?

Have you bought your Powerball Ticket yet? Time is ticking, only a few hours until the drawing. We spoke with Jon Clontz, CEO of WyoLotto who reported: - Normal Powerball sales top out at 500k. This week so far (4 days) it's at 2.5 million, last week (7 days) it was 3 million. - The lottery commission had a 3 million dollar loan they were expected to pay off by June but are going to be able pay it off by the end of the week. Clontz has a hunch tonight someone will be granted the winnings. So we were curious as to what you could buy will $1.5 billion dollars? How about: - At $4.00 you could buy three hundred seventy-five million Big Macs from McDonald's. - At $14,000 you could be the proud owner of one hundred seventy thousand one hundred and forty two 2016 Polaris SKS snowmobiles from Driven Powersports in Casper. - At $115 you could buy three hundred seventy-five million lift tickets for you and your friends to ride Jackson Hole Ski Resort for a day. The possibilities are endless. Good luck to all! #oilcity #news #mcdonals