Local mother talks to children about drugs and alcohol

*(Casper, Wyo.) *- Natalie Giese isn’t afraid to talk to her children about alcohol and drugs, but she understands that it’s a touchy subject for others. “Sometimes, as a parent, you have to be uncomfortable,” she said. “These are conversations that need to be had.” Giese is the mother of Ella, 11, and Parker, 8, who attend Crest Hill Elementary. The girls recently brought home a booklet called, “How to Talk to Your Kids about Alcohol and Other Drugs.” This booklet was created in a partnership between First Lady Carol Mead and the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming. Even though Giese doesn’t fear the topic with her daughters, she found the booklet thought-provoking and helpful. The booklet provides conversation starters for parents of preschoolers to young adults and how to handle certain scenarios (such as what to say if your child smells like alcohol). “There’s so much time to be an adult and so little time to be a kid, I don’t want to make things scary,” Giese said. “They’ll ask about why someone smokes if they know it’s bad for them. I’ll tell them yes, it is bad for them, but I’m not that person’s mother.” Both Ella and Parker said they know what to say if someone offers them drugs or alcohol. In short? “No.” Ella said, “I’d tell them we’re not supposed to, and my mom is coming to pick me up in five minutes.” Ella said she also might run, so that she could call her mother, who she knows would drop everything to come and get her. Giese said she tries to be very honest with her daughters. She doesn’t want them to think because someone has a beer at dinner that makes them an alcoholic. She said she wants them to be honest with her about their experiences with alcohol and drugs. In the past, her daughters would ask her for a Tylenol after seeing Giese take a daily prescription medication. Giese said she would ask them why they needed it, which they usually didn’t but wanted to imitate her. Medicines are only taken when needed, Giese said explained to them. “As an adult, you make choices,” she said. “But with drugs, you don’t want to mess with them; you can ruin your life.” Every public school in Natrona County has received copies of the booklet. If your family did not receive one, please ask at your child’s school or contact the local Prevention Management Office at 307-472-5991 or send a message on their Facebook page – PMO Natrona County . You can also download the booklet at The booklet is also available in Spanish. #news #sponsored #oilcity #natronapmo