Thirty-three year old Casper man pleads not guilty to possession of a deadly weapon

This morning thirty-three year old Julian Lopez plead not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental deficiency to two charges from an October 2015 incident. Evansville Police Officers were dispatched to a report of a fight at 124 Western, according to court records. While en route to the area, dispatch stated there was a man at the address with a gun and was threatening to kill everyone there for making him hear voices, court documents state. The man then reportedly left the residence and headed south down Western until he came to E. Yellowstone Highway and turned westbound heading into Casper. It was reported that the man was driving a blue Chevy Duramax. Officers then went back to the residence on 124 Western and spoke with witnesses at the location. Reports indicate that there were three men at the address at the time of the incident. One reported that Julian Lopez, the suspect, was hearing voices and thought that one of the other men was making him hear them. Lopez thought that the only way to get the voices to stop was to kill the man. Reports indicate that Lopez then started crying and went to pull his gun out of his pocket, when the magazine fell out. The other man then ran to hide. Another man at the scene reported that he was working on a car when the would-be victim ran to him and reported that Lopez had a gun. They called 911. While officers were talking to the witnesses, they heard over the radio that Casper Police Officers had stopped the vehicle at 1st and Nichols in Casper. Reports show that officers then took the male, identified as Julian C. Lopez into custody. The did an inventory of his vehicle and found a Colt 1911 9mm handgun, which matched the description given by the witnesses. Casper Police Department then transported Lopez to Evansville Police Department where he was arrested and charged with possession of a deadly weapon with deadly intent and threatening to use a deadly weapon. The Judge ordered a Lopez to complete a mental evaluation before moving forward in the case. #oilcity #news