Wyoming family successfully dives into distilling company

Sometimes in Wyoming you, "Just have to take the dive," said Amber Pollock, part owner of Backwards Distillery Company in Mills Friday. The Pollock family kicked off the idea of creating a unique social experience in Wyoming, and thus began the process of distilling cocktails and spirits for a growing audience. "The idea was sparked in 2013 at a family dinner.Then it just happened. Our idea grew through lots of research on distilling, the laws and regulations and then we elected to move forward and give it a shot," said Pollock. ​ "It was not easy by any means, we had to go through about a seven month process of filing paperwork and making sure we were up to regulations. Many people are able to home brew beer, but distillation is a different process. This made entry into this business difficult. We were not able to, 'practice' or brew some samples before opening."​​ It was not until December of 2014 that the family was able to open the distillery and they launched their first vodka for purchase. The team has now expanded and now have uniquely distilled vodka, rum, gin and an original moonshine available. Along with their unique products, they also have a quiet, 'speak easy experience' tasting room with twenty different drink combinations available to Spirit enthusiasts. "We have expanded and grown since our first launch," said Pollock. "Casper and Wyoming is really excited for new and interesting things and that is what we try to bring. We aim to bring and enhance our products with a whole experience. We want to show our fans the unique process that we take to create our products and we want to do something different." She continued, "People are really excited about the things that we are doing. We host yoga and cocktails, history classes, and cocktail courses. One of the coolest things to me is when people bring or tell their friends about us from out of town. It is nice to see the people's positive response to us and what we are doing." With the new year upon us, Pollock stated that Backwards Distillery will be introducing a few new products and they aim to increase their footprints across Wyoming. They will be offering a few new classes and hoping to make some improvements to their already award winning products. Pollock informed us that currently, their products have won six gold, two silver and one bronze metals at state and nationwide competitions. Their proudest award is the gold metal they received from the New York International Spirits' Competition. "There was only one other gold metal awarded at this competition so that was pretty special to us. It gave us and our products some nationwide credibility." ​ Another proud moment for the team was their November 2014 rum launch party. "This celebration really reflected the year's work. We were so excited to host the party and the community. We went through 95 bottles of rum and made over 500 cocktails that day. It was so cool to see the community's support and to see how many people supported us," said Pollock with a smile. ​ ​ Pollock was recently approached by a friend from Casper College who requested that she share her business knowledge with the community and she agreed to instruct the short course of Branding for Business in February. "We have had the help of power in numbers as a family grown and owned business. I now have a collective body of knowledge that I am happy to share, yet I still have so much more to learn myself. I just want to share some of the things that we have done well, and some of the things that we have not done so well." Pollock continued to report that she does not have much of a marketing background, yet she felt that the best way to learn was to learn as you go, stay current on the industry and current with the community. ​ "The best thing I can do for this course is to offer my own experience and then try to tie everything together. Talk people through the process and offer some insights." During our visit to Backwards we spoke with a couple visitors from Powell, Wyoming who had stopped in to taste some products and take in the 'Backwards experience'. "I just love the atmosphere, it is so unique," commented visitor Hailey from Powell. To learn more about the Backwards Distillery Company visit their website or contact them at (307)472-1275. ​ #oilcity #news #bootstrapped