Casper woman takes her case to District Court following shooting incident at Foxhill Apartments

This morning Casper woman, Dana Miller was held in Circuit Court for her Preliminary hearing to determine a factual basis to send her case to District Court. Miller was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated assault, one count of possession of a deadly weapon and attempted second degree murder following a shooting incident that occurred at Foxhill Apartments. This morning Casper Police Detective Baker stepped in as witnessed and told the court what he had witnessed when he responded. "We spoke with the victim a day after the incident and again about a week later when he was in better condition." "He told us that the two of them were drinking throughout the day leading up to the shooting," said Detective Baker. It was reported to them that the two had drank approximately a half a liter of vodka throughout the day and then they got into an argument. It was reported that the two then began to argue and call each other names. It was reported in court that the victim had called Miller insulting names such as "Bitch" and "Scuba Steve". This escalated the argument and the victim told Miller that he was leaving the residence. Miller then stated that she was leaving and wanted the Glock 9mm that he had in his possession. Detective Baker reported in court, "The victim reported to us that Miller said, 'I would really like to shoot your right now,' and he told her to do, then she shot him." He continued to report that based on their investigation, Miller was four to five feet away from the victim when she shot him. It was stated in court that both individuals had been drinking throughout the day and after the shooting incident a few hours later, Miller recorded a BAC level of .17 %. A toxicology report for the victim has not been completed or released at this time. The Judge found Detective Baker's account of the incident sufficient evidence to bound the case over to District Court. Miler is being held on a $100,000 bound. Click to read initial reports . #oilcity #news