Oil City Hits Another Milestone; 20K Facebook Fans and Growing!

In the next few hours, Oil City, Casper's newest and most talked about news source will tick past 20,000 Facebook likes. While that's surprising given the amount of readers we have, we do think it's pretty amazing considering the OC has only been a 'thing' for less than two years! For perspective, it took the Casper Star Tribune more than 7 years to do the same. Now, Oil City, along with its sister Pitchengine Community News Streams across the state make up the largest audience in Wyoming by a long shot with almost 5 million pageviews per month! *[image: m7jMhVD.gif]* *How'd we do it? * By listening to the Casper community and sharing your stories — that's how! We don't decide what's newsworthy. We don't tell you what we think. We share what's happening, but we always make sure it's relevant to you, your neighbors and your friends. "I have been blessed to work in the Oil City and do some awesome things over the past couple years. I have met some amazing people in and around Casper and the community here now holds a special place in my heart," said Clayton Tanner, Casper's Communiy Maven for Pitchengine. So thanks to each of you for making Oil City what it is today. We can't wait for the months and years to come. We hope to serve as the digital pulse of Casper for years to come. #oilcity #news