Local law enforcemnt responded to an incident at Veteran's Park late Wednesday night details limited

(Casper, Wyo.) - It has been brought to our attention that local law enforcement responded to an incident late on Wednesday night. One of our Oil City readers reported to us Thursday: *There was many cpd cars with emergent lights blocking off park and kimball streets between first and second street around midnight last night. Casper Fire Department and an ambulance appeared to be on standby. This was right around veterans park downtown. Have you heard anything about this?* *Sometime between midnight and 1am, I drove by on second street. The officers had their vehicles blocking those side roads, and cones restricting traffic on the second street side. Kimball and first looked like the officer was blocking eastbound traffic on first. The fire and EMT crews had their vehicles parked in the commissary mall's parking lot. There were several cpd vehicles parked on the north side of veterans Park. They were removing the road blocks when I drove by. * *I drove by around 1:30 and all emergency vehicles were still on scene, most of them gathering near the ambulance in that parking lot. They had no emergency lights at that point, and appeared too be discussing whatever happened.* We are working with the Casper Police Department to gather more information and will update the public with more information when it becomes available. #oilcity #news