12 million illegal immigrants in our country today?

(Casper, Wyo.) - Friday we asked our Oilers what they thought of Mrs. Peggy Orchowski’s speech and talk at Casper College Thursday. Our friend and Casper resident Melissa Miech stepped up to the call and shared what she absorbed. Peggy Orchowski, a Congressional Representative and immigration expert gave interesting information about her new book and what it is about. The core of immigrants is about work, and they come to our nation because of jobs. Both the nation and immigrants care about immigration because immigrants need jobs and the country needs workers that cost less. Immigration is a paradox because on one hand, the Human Nations Charter says people of the world have the right to leave their country but the paradox is they do not have human rights; the nations get to choose. For example, a student can only apply for a college, but the college gets to choose if they want to accept that student through their admissions policy. There’s a selection process. Immigrants only have the right to apply. Before the 1880’s there was no immigration bureaucracy, the first was Ellis Island. The 1880’s and 1920’s had the most immigrants come into our country and the amount of immigrants now, including illegals is close to the amount we had in the 1880’s. Visas did not exist back then; If you had any medical issues, even glaucoma, you were not allowed through Ellis Island. Two groups of people surged when Ellis Island opened, which were the Sicilian Italians and the Eastern European Jews. The Italians brought the Mafia and another threat was bureau-communists. Everyone felt like the border was out of control. In 1923, the National Origin Protection Act was created to create a more highly restricted protocol. When it comes to green cards, a previous rule was that no nation state could give 7% of green cards in one year which is 200,000. Now we can give out 1.2 million green cards a year. Instead of it being a priority on work skills to obtain your green card, not the priority is extended family unification of natural citizens or green card holders, which is called the “chain migration”. No other country does this. Today, temporary work visas have been created where you can work for 3 years and then extend your visa for another 3 years but after a total of 6 years you are required to leave. A temporary visa is also easily obtainable. We as a country give out 2 million visas a year and that doesn’t include travelers, which is 20 million a year. Student visas are also temporary, and in 2016 we will have over 1 million foreign students at universities in our country. Punishment for fake documents that illegal immigrants is rare, and when they are punished it is only a misdemeanor. Using fake or forged documents is a felony. Also, staying in our country illegally is also only a misdemeanor. After 9/11, immigration has become a matter of National Security because our borders are not safe anymore. Once an illegal immigrant is in our country, we do not have internal enforcement. We are more like the 1920’s today, with the same worries about our borders and immigrants overflowing our system. Peggy Orchowski’s opinion is that there are about 12 million illegal immigrants in our country today. In 1980, it was reported only 1 million. About 8 out of the 12 million are working illegally. h.t Melissa Miech and Casper College/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news