Defense in rape trial says, 'DNA is not the holy grail of evidence '

(Casper, Wyo.) – The four day trial for twenty-nine year old Shaun Hamilton began this morning at the Townsend Justice Center. ​ In October, 2015 Hamilton entered not guilty pleas to allegedly touching and having sex with two teenage girls. He has been charged with sexual assault, two counts of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor and two counts of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. The first two counts occurred between Jan. 11 and 12, 2015 with a 14-year-old girl that lived in his residence, the other three counts occurred between Aug. 2007 and May 2009, with a young girl. Today he faced a thirteen member Jury made up of nine males and four females with his Defense Attorney, Hampton Young by his side. This afternoon the Jury listened to Opening statements from the State and the Defense. Representing the state, District Attorney Kevin Taheri told the Honorable Judge Daniel Forgey and the Jury: "The defendant sexually assaulted two girls, and he got caught by the Wyoming State Crime Lab. In January 2015 a fourteen year old girl exposed that the defendant, Shaun Hamilton, raped her." Taheri continued to state that a rape kit was completed on the victim and semen specimens were found on a blanket, all of the evidence was sealed, packaged and deliver to the Wyoming State Crime Lab for investigation. He continued to report that officers also investigated another claim that dated back to 2009 when officers had received a written statement from a little girl, who was at the time of the incident the defendant's live in girlfriend. The girl claimed that she was also touched and raped by Hamilton. "I will leave you all with no reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of these crimes," concluded Taheri. Next up, Hamilton's Defense Attorney, Mr. Young. "I would encourage all of you this week to keep an open eye on the evidence presented. Look at all the evidence through a very critical eye. You will see inconsistencies in both of the victim's statements. Remember, this is not CSI Las Vegas, or CSI Florida. The DNA evidence presented is not the end all evidence, and not the holy grail." Mr. Young continued to report that there is no DNA evidence presented in the first case. "These are serious and awful charges against my client. At the end of this I want you all to take a careful and critical look at the evidence and you will find my defendant not guilty." The state called their first witness the fourteen year old girl to the stand to present her testimony of the incident. The case will continue through the week. According to the state statute, Hamilton could face between 20 to 50 years as maximum penalties for the charges if convicted. Click to read previous reports about this case. #oilcity #news