Behind the plow: 5 Things you did not know about Casper's Snowplow Operators

(Casper, Wyo.) - If you live in a cave, you may not know that it is Still snowing outside. It has been snowing since Monday and we still see people moving and grooving around town. But some reports show up to ten inches of snow on the ground! ​ It seems to be something we overlook and take for granted, our great city staff plowing the roads in the winter, and mowing grasses in the summer time. This morning we caught up with a few City Snow Plow operators during their morning coffee break where we learned: 1. Some of the operators, like Norm Rennich, have been working and plowing snow for the city for over thirty years! 2. Operator, Tom Mills has also put in thirty years of service and told us today,"It gets aggravating, having plowed one street and then going back over it in a few hours. But it's a paycheck. I'm use to this stuff, in the winter time, the wind blows, the snow flies, I just tell myself Spring is just around the corner. 3. Operator, Willie Gonzales, who has been working for the city for twenty-three years told us, "It's just fun clearing the streets. I enjoy doing it and helping the community." 4. Not just these three drivers, but the whole snowplow staff works twelve hours shifts during snow storms. They work from 4:00 am-4:00 pm and sometimes more hours to keep our streets clean. 5. The drivers requested that the public respect their operations and use caution when passing or being in the area. ​ The city operators, Wydot operators and even private snow plowers don't get the credit that they so deserve! "While many are sleeping we are out working tirelessly to keep the roads clear," said Mills as he stepped into his truck. Back to work they went. #oilcity #news