Fire crews put out kitchen fire along North Park Street

(Casper, Wyo.) - At approximately 12:10 this afternoon the Casper Fire-EMS department was called for a reported structure fire on the 200 block of North Park at the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission. Five Casper Fire-EMS units responded initially along with Casper Police Department and medical services. Upon arrival, firefighters found a building with light smoke on the interior of the structure. Crews located a small deep fryer unit that was smoking, but had no fire. The fire had been controlled by the automatic extinguishing system installed in the kitchen. Evansville Emergency Services transported two patients to Wyoming Medical Center for breathing problems. The transport of the two patients was for precautionary purpose only. The cause of the fire was from a fryer that had boiled over. Casper Fire-EMS Department Investigators are working with the Natrona County Health Department to inspect and reopen the kitchen sometime tomorrow. Residents have been allowed back into the building and all operations of the facility with the exception of the kitchen have resumed. There is no estimate as to the amount of damage caused at this time. The Casper Fire-EMS Department would like to remind the public that the most common cause of residential fires is unattended cooking. Developmental Director Officer Michael S. Cavalier, at the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission reported that the rescue mission is back to operating as usual. They have made adjustments to continue to feed and house residents until they can get the kitchen re-opened. #oilcity #news