An inside look at what it takes to train the famous Budweiser Clydesdales

(Dubois, Wyo) - Horses in the Super Bowl, other than the Broncos? Yes indeed, and some of the Clydesdales in the Super Bowl commercials were trained right here in Wyoming. Earlier this Super Bowl week we shared the great video of the horses being trained at the Turtle Ranch in Dubois. We caught up with the team behind the camera and horse trainers, Robin and and Kate Wiltshire at the Turtle Ranch. We spoke over the phone with Robin Wednesday (struggling with his Aussie Accent) and he reported to Pitchengine Communities, "I did my first Super Bowl commercial with the horses in 1996. They are very docile animals, how we do the training is very difficult to explain over the phone, we would have to show you in action," said Robin. He continued to report that the horses are brought to the Turtle Ranch for the training, when they are brought in for a job, like a commercial. Robin mentioned that he was behind the scenes of a few famous SB commercials including training the twenty-two Clydesdales for the 'Football Game' commercial and he had a hand with the famous 'Rocky' commercial. He also worked with the puppy on the puppy and Clydesdale commercial. Robin and Kate have been working with the horses for almost thirty years and Robin told us that he did not have a hand in this years. "I'm going to sit back and relax and watch this year's like everyone else. It will be a surprise to me as well. This year the horses are doing a hitch in LA so we shall see what they come up with." "It's beautiful to work with them. It is truly is a privilege," concluded Robin. Here is an inside look at Robin and Kate Wiltshire in action: #oilcity #news #shortgo #dally #county17 #reboot #county10 #springcity #buckrail #b