Super Bowl Party Snack idea from our friends at Porter's

With the NFL's top two teams facing off this weekend, you've got to have some delicious, touchdown-worthy recipes. Thanks to Porter's Mountain View Supply , we have just the thing! Leo at Porter's tells us, "These brats are amazing!" Introducing Leo's... *Brown Sugar Brats* *Ingredients* - 3 sticks of butter - 3 cups of brown sugar - 1 package of 12 brats *Directions* *1. Turn your grill up to 400 degrees.* *[image: Inline image 1]* *2. Put brown sugar and butter into a pan over medium heat and bring to a boil.* *3. Once both are boiling, stir until it is like a caramel.* *4. In the meantime, with a fork, poke holes in the brats.* *[image: Inline image 4]* *5. Once you have a caramel-like consistency, place brats in the sauce. Continue to boil on medium heat, rotating the brats from top to bottom to allow them to cook evenly. While they boil, continue to put the sauce on top of the brats. **Brats will become soft and expand in size. ( 25-30 minutes)* [image: Inline image 2] *6. Reduce heat to a low/simmer while you check the grill temp.* *7. Once up to 400 degrees, cook for 15-20 minutes, rotating as needed.* *[image: Inline image 3]* Just because we aren't tailgating at the game, doesn't mean we can't have our own grilling party. Find everything you need at Porter's: Cooking pellets, smoking chips and chunk, tools, sauces, rubs, thermometers and much more. Keep an eye out for another great recipe from Leo here ! #oilcity #news #sponsored #porters