Male arrested for numerous child abuse charges

(Casper, Wyo.) - Casper man, Ryan D Townsend has been arrested and charged with two counts including felony child abuse and possession of a controlled substance. Court records indicate that on February 10th at approximately 10:00 am officers were contacted by the Child Advocacy Project in Casper for an emergency CAP interview. Officers spoke with children who reported numerous claims of abuse from Townsend. According to court records, one of the kids advised officers that Townsend became angry over the fact that the dogs had got a hold of a dirty diaper and left it on the couch. Townsend saw the dirty diaper on the couch and spanked the child with his hand, and reports continue to show that Townsend allegedly threw the child to the ground. Reports show that Townsend then began choking the child with his arms. The child also advised officers that Townsend threw the dirty diaper in his/her face. Court records continue to show more incidents of alleged abuse from Townsend towards three children. Officers spoke with Townsend who stated that the dogs got into the trash all the time and would tear things up. He denied assaulting the child over the diaper and became very upset with detectives, according to reports, and requested a lawyer. Townsend was then taken into custody. Officers visited the residence to do a home check to see if the home was safe for children. Upon entering the residence it was reported that officers could smell the odor of marijuana. They later found plastic containers with substance believed to be marijuana. It tested positive for marijuana according to court records. Thursday evening Townsend met for his initial appearance where he was read his formal charges of felony child abuse and possession of marijuana. He did not enter a plea to the felony count and his bound was set at $10,000. If convicted of the crimes he could face up to ten years imprisonment. #oilcity #news