Keep your medications safe and secure for the safety of your kids and grandkids

*(Casper, Wyo.) *- We all have prescription and over-the-counter medications in our home. But how we talk about them, use them - and properly dispose of them - sends a strong prevention message to our children and grandchildren. That’s why the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming, along with the Wyoming Department of Health, is encouraging everyone to clean out expired or unused medications – including over-the-counter drugs, creams, vitamins and even medications for your pet. *Bring them to the Casper Senior Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Feb. 16 to ensure they are properly disposed.* In doing so, you are protecting the water supply, as well as preventing medications from getting into the wrong hands. Anna Edwards (pictured above) is the Safe Kids program coordinator and mother to a toddler. She brought her daughter to January’s event at the Senior Center. “My biggest piece of advice is to keep medications up and out of sight,” Edwards said. “They don’t know the difference between drugs and candy.” Safe Kids Worldwide has several recommendations to make your home safe from prescription drugs including: - Put all medicine out of sight, including your own. Make sure you think about places that might be accessible to children including nightstands and purses. - Remember products you might not consider medicine such as vitamins, medications for your pets and eye drops can be harmful or deadly. - Be a role model and use medications as directed. - Teach your child or grandchild that medicine should always be given by an adult. - Talk about the importance of only taking medicine that is meant for them. “It’s really a matter of making these things a habit,” Edwards said. “This is a habit we’re building and will serve them for their whole life. If you have questions about keeping your loved ones safe from prescription drugs, proper disposal methods, or even about the Wyoming Medication Donation Program (where some unused medications can be donated back then prescribed to low-income or under-insured Wyoming residents), call Prevention Management Organization at 307-472-5991 or send us a message on the Facebook page, PMO Natrona County . #news #sponsored #oilcity #natronapmo