Landfill pile smolders with Saturday wind, fire crews continue to monitor

(Casper, Wyo.)-At approximately 3:45 pm Casper Fire Crews responded to the Casper landfill when they were notified by a landfill supervisor that one of the sawdust piles was smoldering. Casper Fire Division Chief Dan Griswold reported, "The pile on the west side of the landfill was smoldering this afternoon. The wind blew away the top layer of sand exposing the woodchips and the pile began to smoke and smolder. We responded with two fire engines and a wildland fire engine." He continued to report that landfill staff put four loads of sand back onto the pile with a loader. "We as well as landfill staff will continue to monitor the pile and other piles throughout the evening." Griswold said that no sparks or flames were seen by first responders. We will continue to work with Casper Fire to monitor and provide updates as they become available. #oilcity #news