Long time Natrona County Sheriff Lieutenant Clark passes after 65 years

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - The Natrona County Sheriff's Office is mourning the loss of Natrona County Sheriff's Lieutenant Jerry Dale Clark. Lt .Clark died suddenly on February 13, 2016 after suffering complications from a recent surgery. Lt. Clark has served the Natrona County Sheriff's Office with honor and distinction since he first began his career on October 1, 1988. Lt. Clark rose through the ranks in the office, first being promoted to the rank of Sergeant on February 1, 1993 and then taking over the Administrative Sergeant position on March 18,1997. Lt. Clark joined the ranks of the Natrona County Sheriff's Command staff by being appointed to the Detention Division Lieutenant on October 1, 1999. Lt. Clark was sensitive towards the needs of inmates and believed deeply in the mission set before him. He was an unyielding advocate for the GED program, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and the Chaplin's Program at the Natrona County Detention Center. Lt. Clark believed in providing these types of opportunities to those in the Detention Center so they could find a way to improve their individual lives. Lt. Clark was a member of the Juvenile Justice Board, which was tasked with finding new ways of better serving the youth of our county. Through his work on the board, several new initiatives and protocols were set forth to better assist the youth in the justice process. Lastly, Lt. Clark believed in community service and helped in various capacities on behalf of the Natrona County Sheriff's Office. Lt. Clark supported and took part in several community events such as, "Shop with a Cop." which pairs under-privileged children with law enforcement officers from Natrona County to buy gifts during the Christmas Holiday. Lt. Clark was a true mentor who cared deeply about his community, employees, and every inmate in his care. Lt. Clark was not only a leader for his employees, but a father figure for those who sought his advice away from the rigors of the job. Lt. Clark always made it a point to make time for those who sought his council and advice. Those who knew Lt. Clark would attest to his commitment and truly heartfelt care he had for his employees. Lt. Clark was a "True Professional" in every aspect of his job and honored this great profession with his service. Lt. Clark was loved and respected by all those who had the opportunity to work with him. Lt. Jerry Clark will be greatly missed by his family, the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, the community and all those who knew him during his honorable career. A memorial service for Lt. Clark will be held at Highland Park Church on February 18, 2016 at 2:00 pm. In this mourning, we ask for your respect and understanding, as we (NCSO) will not be answering questions. We send our condolences to Lt. Clark and his loved ones. #oilcity #news