Guild Charter School set to appeal NCSD's refusal

(Casper, Wyo.) —The Wyoming Board of Education will listen to arguments from The Guild Charter School as they appeal the NCSD's ruling to deny the charter. The Guild Charter School’s appeal hearing will be held on Saturday, February 20 at 1 p.m. at the Central Services Facility located at 970 N. Glenn Road. The hearing is open to the public. Attorneys for both The Guild Charter School and Natrona County School District will present arguments to the State Board of Education with public deliberation by the State Board to follow. “We appealed because the District’s decision was contrary to the best interests of students, families, and the rest of the Greater Casper community” said charter school co-founder Tiffany Leary. “We feel like the trustees failed to adequately represent the students' interests.” The Guild’s founders also believe the Board wasn’t adequately prepared to vote on The Guild’s application. “It’s clear that the Trustees did not read the entire application because many of the questions they raised were answered in the application,” says co-founder Wendy McGregor. “I understand that 900 pages is a lot to read, but as elected officials, the Trustees have a duty to the community to make the most informed, educated decision possible.” The Natrona County School District’s Board of Trustees voted to deny The Guild Charter School’s charter application in September. The Guild Charter School filed an appeal from the decision with the Wyoming State Board of Education in December, shortly after the District’s written decision was issued in November. The State Board of Education must decide whether to instruct the Natrona County School District Number One Board of Trustees to reconsider The Guild Charter School’s application. The Guild Charter School is represented in the appeal by Wyoming Liberty Group Staff Attorney Boyd Wiggam. Collin Allen, a Natrona County resident who attended many of The Guild’s meetings, raises similar concerns. “Even though the written decision claims otherwise, nearly all of the Trustees noted the district’s school of choice as a reason to deny The Guild. I disagree. It’s not much of a choice when you’re forced to pick and choose between options offered at different schools." He continued, "I like The Guild because it’s the only school in the county that offers all programming at one school. Students aren’t receiving the best education possible when they don’t have access to all of the best educational programming." Click the to read more about the application #oilcity #news